Miniature Desserts
Apple Crisp
Topped with Whipped Cream

Strawberry Shortcakes
With Homemade Biscuits, Sliced Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Freshly Made Doughnuts
Filled with Plain OR Raspberry Jam

Key Lime Pies
Topped with Lime Zest

Lemon Tart
Topped with Raspberries

Chocolate Mousse
Served in a Chocolate Tulip Cup, Topped with White Chocolate Shavings

Baklava Cups
Filled with Nuts, Honey and Cinnamon

Assorted French Macaroons
Including Vanilla, Chocolate and Raspberry

Chocolate Pecan Pies
Topped with Whipped Cream

Cranberry Pies
Topped with Meringue

Peppermint Mousse
Served in Chocolate Tulip Cups, Sprinkled with Candy Canes

Pumpkin Tarts
Topped with Whipped Cream