To cater is to accommodate, no matter how large, small or unusual the clients request is. My staff and I work hard to ensure that our customer can relax and enjoy their dinner parties and events without having to worry.

Changing menus and staying informed about new diets and allergies is part of our routine and we are able to cater to any group with special needs or requests.

Conundrum Catering has been my passion for over 20 years and I look forward to our continuing relationships with past clients while developing new ones through great service and cuisine.

Kip Feight
Aspen Catering Chef

Events to Remember

Enjoy Fresh Local Ingredients Prepared Beautifully in any Setting. Conundrum can customize menus for almost any budget whether it’s a hiker’s picnic, an open house for a local real estate firm, or a fundraiser for one of Kip’s favorite nonprofits like the Boogie’s Bash or the Shining Stars Foundation.